Call for Online Sessions for Satellite Activities 2022.
22 to 24 February 2022: Laboratory “A Productive Ocean” (submission deadline: 16 November 2021)
9 to 11 March 2022: Laboratory “A Healthy and Resilient Ocean” (submission deadline: 11 January 2022)
5 to 7 April 2022: Laboratory “A Safe Ocean” (submission deadline: 25 January 2022)
10 to 12 May 2022: Laboratory “A Transparent and Accessible Ocean” (submission deadline: 15 March 2022)

EMERGE past events

Abatement of the Emissions and Discharges of Shipping. The first Stakeholder Workshop of the EMERGE project entitled ‘Abatement of the emissions and discharges of shipping’ was held online on the 11th of March 2021 between 09.00-11.00 (CET). The event proved very popular and attracted about 140 attendees from around the world.
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If you missed it you can watch the recorded workshop HERE.

1st of February 2020: The EMERGE project officially begins

24th, 25th and 26th of February 2020: The whole consortium gathered for the kick-off meeting at IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria on 24th, 25th and 26th of February 2020.

After a general overview of the project by the coordinator Prof. Jaakko Kukkonen from FMI, each member of the consortium introduced its work package and explained its role within the project.

In particular, the participants discussed and structured the scientific and research work that they will carry out, started designing the air and water measurement campaigns for the project’s case studies, elaborated analytical work programs and clarified the interactions between different partner organizations and their tasks as well as between the models that they will use for the project. They also discussed and reviewed crucial scientific gaps with regard to the assessment of the impact of shipping emissions on the aquatic and atmospheric environments as well as on marine biota which will have to be addressed by EMERGE.

EMERGE team participation in events throughout Europe


Air Quality 2020 Conference | 18-26 May 2020. 12th International Conference on Air Quality – Thessaloniki, Greece
Representatives of the EMERGE Consortium participated in the Air Quality Conference 2020 which was co-organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and University of Hertfordshire and was held online between May 18-26, 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference managed to attract the interest of many air quality modelling and measurement teams in the EU and internationally.  A special session on Shipping and Air Quality was held where the impacts of shipping on air pollution were discussed and the EMERGE project was presented. Overall, the participants identified a number of challenges that still need to be addressed to improve our understanding of shipping contribution to pollution and in improving our modelling tools to better quantify this contribution. Specific focus was given on port emissions and the need to improve our mission factors and the activity profile of ships, together with our methods to simulate vertical plume rise and in-plume chemistry. These are all areas that the EMERGE project wishes to contribute to.