Contact us

For any enquiries about the EMERGE project, please contact the appropriate person from the list below:

Project Coordinator: Prof. Jaakko Kukkonen (FMI) (
Project Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Erik Fridell (IVL) (
Project managers: Dr. Androniki Maragkidou (FMI) ( and Dr. Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen (FMI) (

Coordinators of case studies:
Northern Adriatic Sea case study: Prof. Antonio Marcomini (UV) (
Aveiro Region case study: Dr. Alexandra Monteiro (UAV) (
Eastern Mediterranean case study: Prof. Leon Ntziachristos (AUTH) ( and Prof. Vassilis Zervakis (UAegean) (
Solent case study: Prof. Ian Williams (US) (
Öresund case study: Prof. Göran Broström (UG) (
On-board case study: Prof. Leon Ntziachristos (AUTH) (

EMERGE Work Packages coordinators:
WP1: Adj. Prof. Erik Fridell (IVL) ( and Dr. Jens Borken-Kleefeld (IIASA) (
WP2: Prof. Mira Petrovic (ICRA) (, and Dr. Erik Ytreberg (CHALMERS) (
WP3: Assoc. Prof. Leon Ntziachristos (AUTH) (, and Dr. Jana Moldanova (IVL) (
WP4: Prof. Lars R. Hole (MET) (, and Prof. Vassilis Zervakis (UAegean) (
WP5: Prof. Ranjeet Sokhi (UH) (, and Prof. Mikhail Sofiev (FMI) (
WP6: Dr. Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen (FMI) (, Dr. Jana Moldanova (IVL) (, Assoc. Prof. Leon Ntziachristos (AUTH) (, and Assoc. Prof. Ida-Maja Hassellöv (CHALMERS) (
WP7: Dr. Jens Borken-Kleefeld (IIASA) (, and Dr. Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen (FMI) (
WP8: MSc. Maria Neophytou (, MSc. Angelos Ktoris, MarInEM (, and Prof. Ian Williams (US) (
WP9: Prof. Jaakko Kukkonen (FMI) ( and Adj. Prof. Erik Fridell (IVL) (